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American Indian Art Appraisals is a personal property appraisal company specializing in appraising items made by American Indian artists, past and present, eg: rugs, baskets, pottery, jewelry, paintings, prints, textiles, and sculpture. Inventories of Collections can also be prepared for clients.

Purpose for Appraisals: insurance, IRS, estates, damages, divorce, charitable donations, resales and personal knowledge. ___________________________________

The owner: Leona M. Zastrow, PhD, is an appraiser of American Indian Art.  Her qualifications include the following:

  • Qualified member of the Appraisers Association of America (AAA).
  • Passed the USPAP (Uniformed Standards of  Professional Appraisal Practice).
  • Appraised American Indian art for more than 12 years with a client list of over 200 people.
  • Taught art (basketry, weaving, jewelry, painting, etc.) to both high school and college American Indian students. 
  • Published several books and articles concerning American Indian art, artists  and education.
  • Educational background: BA in math and science, MA in art education, PhD in Fine Arts administration.

In preparing the appraisal, Dr. Zastrow will:

  • inspect, measure and photograph your art and artifacts,
  • prepare a detailed description of your items,
  • locate values, analyze market data, draw conclusions of the value and write the appraisal report.


THE BOOK - 2017

At LAST, Dr. Zastrow has finished her book to help us ALL to better understand the concepts and intricacies, complications and joys involved in appraising works of American Indian Art.

In this work, Dr. Zastrow:

- • - presents facts and details about Southwest American Indian art, considering its history and transitions and offers “snapshot views” of American Indian art. She also
- • - describes how people can donate their work to nonprofit organizations, explains several federal laws concerning Indian artists, and,
- • - profiles several American Indian artists who created many of the items featured in these pages, including potters, jewelers, weavers, carvers, printers, and painters.

•••• Click here to buy it on AMAZON- - -My Tree of Life as an Appraiser of American Indian Art: My Viewpoint


In addition to appraisals, Dr. Zastrow has published a CD available through this site (see below).

 “Learning about American Indians through Their Art” is designed as a contemporary teaching tool to provide information about various Southwestern and Woodland American Indian peoples by studying their art forms. Each item, selected for this CD, reveals a story about the culture and traditions of a specific group of American Indian people. The 6 vignettes include information about the Pueblos, Navajo, Hopi and Woodland people.


"Learning about American Indians through Their Art”

a digital book in CD format



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